■ Visual Production Management and Coordination


• Netflix, USA

Field producer (Present)

Field producing, casting and researching for 10 days shooting in Japan, for a series of documentary project  on healthy living and food for longevity –   “eating well, living long” Inviting a celebrity chef Ms. Candice Kumai.


• Japanese Culture Successor Association, Tokyo, JAPAN

Translator and Cultural Consulting/ Cultural Translations (May 2017 to Present)

Translating Japanese language to English subtitles and intensive cultural consulting on structure and explanations on a series of 12 documentaries about “Living Japanese Traditional SAMURAI culture” to be aired on All Nippon Airline (ANA).


• W Bagadion Consulting, Bogota, Colombia

Consultant (March 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015)

Consulting on a 15 million USD project named “Little Tokyo”; an virtual reality entertainment facility planning to be build in Bogota, Columbia. Responsibilities include facilitating the grant application process to the Cool Japan Fund (www.cj-fund.co.jp), interpretation on meetings with stakeholders, and finding strategic partners in Japan.


• Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Tokyo, JAPAN

Researcher and Field producer (January 1999 to present)

Coordinated nine special programs and a three-part series of educational program for Japan’s public-funded TV station. Traveled for one month each to four countries including West Samoa for pre-production by myself, and contributed in video production and translation.


  “Admiring Hemingway” (June to August 2004)

A two-hour documentary program on a historical and international trolling tournament in Cuba. My letter in Spanish to the Cuban government, asking for permissions to film materials that were not normally allowed, was highly valued by the Cuban officials, and made the documentary extremely successful.


“Babyboomer and aging society” (November 2007- August 2008), etc.

“Chinese presence in Africa” (March to May 2018) – Coordinator, Reporter, and Interviewer . All pre-production and Production was conducted in Kenya .


• History Channel, USA

Field Producer (April to May 2006- Present)

Conducted research and supported the production as a coordinator on a scientific show on off-shore Japanese oceanic area called “Dragon’s Triangle”

Field Producer (October 2007) “Tim Ferris – Ultimate Challenger” Nikko, Japan,  (September-October 2008) “Science Impossible” Tokyo, Japan,  (September-November 2008) “Warriors; Miyamoto Musashi” Tokyo, Kyushu, Japan (September- December 2008)



• Discovery Travel Channel, NY, U.S.A.

Field Coordinator& Reporter (October-December 2000, June-August 2005, December 2007-January 2008, February  2010, March-July 2014)

Conducted research and supported the production as coordinator and reporter on gourmet and travel

 shows & books in Japan with a French chef/ best-selling author Anthony Bourdain. “A Cook’s Tour” and

“No Reservations”   http://travel.discovery.com/fansites/bourdain/bourdain.html

 “International Open House”(February 2010) depicts and introduces luxurious houses in Tokyo.

 “Booze Traveler” (June 2015) showing the Japanese tradition and culture with the tie between Shintoism and rice cultivation through sake productions.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM2u7o0RcEg



Field Producer  (May-June 2013)

Conducted as local researcher and production coordinator for an educational documentary about how to balance on economical development and protecting nature in Kenaya. Interviewing key people including the nature activist Ms. Paula Kahumbu, Kenya Wildlife Service Mr. Patric Omondi, and the developer Lapsset Corridor CEO Mr. Silverster Kasuku, depicting elephants poaching and conservation projects. In Nairobi, Kenya.


• National Geographic, Washington DC, U.S.A.& HSBC, England

Field Producer  (January –March 2010)

Conducted research and supported the production as location coordinator for National Geographic magazine’s joint project with the international bank HSBC, to capture 21st centuries images entitled “East meets West, Old meets New”. Responsibilities includes finding locations, casting, organizing shooting trip with the respected cameraman Michael Yamashita.  www.michaelyamashita.com


• United Nations (UNDP), Praia, Cape Verde.

Director, Cameraman and Line producer (October-December 2010~)

Directed 3-minutes documentary program for promoting “voluntarism” in Cape Verde.

Upon researching, developed the project with UNV headquarter in Bonn, and conducted project to be the most effective in Cape Verdian community in collaboration with other organization like Peace Corp or Red Cross. Responsibility includes budgeting, making story line, casting, location hunting, and editing. The program was broadcasted on local national TV; TCV for one week, including International Volunteer Day; Dec. 5th.


• Oceanic Preservation Society, Boulder, U.S.A.

Field Coordinator (October-December 2006~)

Conducted research and supported the production as coordinator for a series of documentaries on the Oceanic environment featuring whales and tuna around Japan. (www.opsociety.org) which is later edited to a Oscar Award winning film “The Cove”.


• Jump Cut Production, Switzerland

Field Producer (April to November, 2009~)

Conducted research and supported the production as a coordinator on a feature length film “Beyond The Sea” based on a prize-winner short film “Big Sur” directed by Pierre Adrian Irle and Valentin Rottelli. Filming took place in Tokyo, Toyota, Toba, Yunomine, Shirahama and Kushimoto area. A road movie.


• China Exploration and Research Society, China

Writer & Cameraman (March 2007, July-August 2009)

Research and writing on local indigenous culture of Lisu people in Yunnan Province, and Li people in Hainan island. Documenting, translation, finding old footages are included in the responsibilities. (www.cers.org.hk)


• Jin Tatsumura Office, Japan

Assistant of Director (May 2009-Present)

Assisting direction and production management in feature film shooting with Le Tour de France champion Mr. Greg LeMond. “Gaia Symphony No. 7” Story based on a road trip around sacred places in Japan, focused on nature and sacred ceremonies of Shintoism.


• Canal Plus, France

Field Coordinator (January-May, 2010)

Coordinating and managing locations for a cultural documentary program “TOQUE DE TOKYO” presented by the leading French actor / writer; Mr. Antoine De Caunes. About modern cultures in Tokyo such as Otaku, Anime, Gothic Lolita, Kawaii, Herbivore Male, etc.


• United Nation University, Media Studio, Tokyo

Field producer (November, 2007)

Conduct research and support the production of a documentary on Health in collaboration with WHO Kobe.


• SKY TV, Italy

 Location Manager (Novermber 2007)

Location manager for an interview shooting for popular Italian program “Interview with…”

Interview with Jackie Chan in Tokyo.


• World Bank, Tokyo Learning Center, Tokyo

Producer (October 2007)

Conducted production director to convert World Bank informative documentary into Japanese version.


• National Geographic, Tokyo

Location Coordinator (October 2007)

Coordinated and supported the writer Mr. Howard Norman on field research on the famous Japanese poet of Edo-era; Basho Matsuo.


• European Producers Club, France

Coordinator, Intermediator (October 2007)

Coordinate film producers to meet local film producers, distributors, visiting studios in Tokyo. Introduction using my own network in film helped European producers to make direct contacts in film field.


• Virgin Earth Inc, Tokyo

Producer (April 2007- Current)

Conducted research and supported the production as a producer for multiple projects for stations/ corporations.


• CBS, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Producer of Japan version shootings (April- August 2007)

Conducted research and supported the production as a producer for a CBS’s Emmy Award winner travel show “Amazing Race” shootings in Japan.


• Singlemalt TV, England.

Reporter & Location Manager (2007- Current)   http://www.singlemalt.tv/

Local reporter and field producer on Whisky Live show in Tokyo for an internet TV: Singlemalt TV.


• The Japan Foundation, Japan

Reporter (November, 2006)

Conducted research and wrote a report on cultural exchange activities between Arab-Japan youth, visiting 4 cities

in 3 Arabic countries; Egypt, Syria, and U.A.E. Japan Foundation is extra-governmental organization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.  http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/index.html


• TV Asahi Productions, Tokyo Japan

Director (Jane to October 2006)

Conduct news special program on Japan’s Prime Minister Koizumi’s 5-year governance.

Responsibilities include interviewing politicians and economists such as former Deputy Secretary of State

Richard Armitage, former USTR Mickey Cantor and Nobel Prize Winner

Professor Joseph Stiglitz. Followed by a project on the Japanese Royal Family. For TV Asahi Corporation.


• SONY Corporation. Japan

Director  (June 2005 to May 2006)

Conduct documentary reports on internet-based media with photography, text and digital movies.

@ World Event Village  www.worldeventvillage.com  Filming in Tokyo, Sado, South Africa, etc.


• DR (Danish Radio) Denmark

Coordinator (May to December 2004)

Conducted research and local production in Japan for news reports on 2005 FIFA World Cup.


• Aichi 2005 Expo. Venezuela, Peru, and Japan

Coordinator (May to December 2004)

Conducted research and supported the production of six documentary programs on nature and children for the special programming of the Expo, choosing locations and people, coordinating logistics and planning the stories. Participated in two months of intensive shooting in remote regions of Peru and Venezuela as a global project coordinator. The projects are to be publicly screened on the large screen at the central park of the Expo.


• Asahi Broadcasting Corp. Venezuela, and Japan

Planner and Coordinator (February to March 2003, and May to December 2004)

Planned, cast and handled project coordination for a documentary program on fishing and nature for the

special programming of one of Japan’s leading broadcasters. The project required two weeks of intensive

shooting in the Amazons of Venezuela.


• New York Times TV, New York, U.S.A., Tokyo, Japan

Reporter and Coordinator (December 2000 and May 2002)

Reported and coordinated the station’s Japan shooting of "My Country, My Kitchen with Roy    Yamaguchi,” and "Cook's Tour with Anthony Bourdain.”


• Telecom Staff Inc.

Assistant Director (January 1999 to December 2000)

Being a full-time official employee, I contributed and got trained in a team especially produces NHK documentaries.


• CBS Broadcasting Inc., New York, U.S.A., and Nagano, Japan

Assistant Director, Reporter, Interpreter, Coordinator, and Researcher (February 1998)

Contributed news documentaries and reports on local culture daily for one of the top U.S. TV stations during 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.



■ Camera (video and still) work / Writing


• World Business Satellite, JAPAN

Cameraman (October 2007-)

Shooting for a news clip on Tsukiji Fish Market relocation.


• SONY Corporation, JAPAN

Cameraman, director and Writer (June to December 2005)

Conduct documentary reports on internet-based media with photography, text and digital movies.

@ World Event Village  www.worldeventvillage.com  Filming in Tokyo, Sado, Nagano, South Africa, etc.


• Aoyama Culture-Art Salon, Tokyo, Japan

Photographer, Director, and Writer (January to December 2006)


• SOTOKOTO Magazine, Tokyo, Japan

Photographer, Director, and Writer (December 2004 to Present)

Contributing photographic work and experience-based opinion writing for one of Japan’s leading magazine

focusing on nature and environment.

*Also play a role called “LOHAS-jenne” as a representative of readers and appearing on the magazine talking about healthy and sustainable lifestyle as a woman living in Tokyo.

- A Special monthly reports on cutting edge business in Africa on “Africa Business News” (2014-Present)


• Danish University of Education, Copenhagen, Denmark and Tokyo, JAPAN

Cameraman and Advisor (December 2004)

Conducted research and contributed photographic work for “Kids on Campus,” a research project on psychology led by Professor Frans Orsted Andersen. CVU-Fyn & Lego Learning Institute published the research in March 2005.


• Hamano Institute Inc., Tokyo, Japan, U.S.A, and China

Producer and cameraman (June 2002 to June 2003)

Reponsibility includes producing, casting and camera operation for one-hour project “Traveling Wisdom” featuring fly fishing, nature and eco-oriented city planning. Shootings took place in Yellowstone National Park; Montana and Wyoming states, Las Vegas; Nevada, Big island; Hawaii.


• Tokyo Broadcasting Corp. (TBS), Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Cameraman and Editor (January 2002 to March 2002)

Filmed and edited a three-month documentary program on Japan’s homeless issue for the broadcaster’s current affair’s program, “Kyono Dekigoto (Day’s Events).”


• Foodies Channel, Japan

Cameraman (September 2002)

Filmed two documentary programs on French cuisine with Guy Martin in France and Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa in Hawaii by Mr. Matsuhisa’s invitation.




■ Translation, and Interpretation


• Nihon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Tokyo, Japan

Interpreter and Translator (October 1998 to Present)

Translating Spanish script to Japanese for various programs. Major past work includes the translation of

“The Old Man and the Sea,” the station’s Hi-Vision technology-based 2-hour documentary program.

Also translations on “Ernest Seton” “Venezuela’s beauty policy” etc.

Working with variety of production companies (Telecom Staff Inc., Documentary Japan, Temjin, East Co.,Inc.   Nihon TV Ax-On, etc.)


• National Geographic, Tokyo, Japan

Interpreter  (November 2007 to present)

Interpretation for their board of directors and extraordinary stock holder’s meeting.


• TV Asahi Corp., Tokyo Japan

Interpreter and Researcher (January 2005 to Present)

Translating and conducting interviews for various news reports.


• Iga Ueno Tourism Association, Mie, Japan & Hawaii, USA.

Interpreter and Translator (August 2008, Feb. 2009 to Present)

Coordinated and conducted as a reporter/ interpreter/ presenter for a various stages and shows to promote the cultural aspect of Ninja from Iga Ueno, Japan in Hawaii. Shows were held at several places including Alamoana Shopping Center stage, schools and churches, and made appearance on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines.

EX) http://www.khon2.com/news/local/40122487.html


• Richard Armitage

Interpreter (June 2006)

Interpretation at the lecture by the former US Deputy Secretary of State, took place in Tokyo.


• Rabbi Marvin Tokayer

Interpreter (February 2006)

Interpretation at the lecture by a business leader focusing on a Jewish tradition and culture.


• Mirco Crocop

Interpreter (August 2005)

Tranlation between Mr. Crocop in English and his Jujutsu teacher in Spanish.


• Steven Seagal

Personal Assistant (May-June 2005)

Personal assistant during the shooting of the movie “Into The Sun” in Japan.


• Discovery Channel, Maryland, U.S.A.

Translator (May 1998 to December 2000)

Translated “Sweet Story,” a series of short documentary pieces on traditional Japanese sweets, originally produced in Japanese, into English. Also researched and translated information from Spanish to Japanese about a natural phenomenon in Venezuela "Relampago”.



■ Business Administration


• Hamano Institute Inc., Tokyo, Japan, U.S.A, and China

Business Liaison and Administration (June 2002 to June 2003)

Conducted global research and organized projects in the U.S. (California, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada and Hawaii) and China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), including US$200 million hotel project with an international team from 5 different countries, as part of a multi-national team for one of Japan’s private institutes dedicated to architecture.  Led the publicity efforts of the institute and its president, arranging for TV and magazine coverage.


• IBM Japan, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Human Relations and Cross-cultural Consultant (April to September 1998)

Administered legal affairs and provided consulting services on cross-cultural issues for the human resources department of International Business Machines Corp.’s Japan unit.



■ Reporter/ Interviewer


• Discovery Channel & Travel Channel, U.S.A.  (In English)

Reporter (October-December 2000, June-August  2005, December 2007-January 2008)

Co-reporter on globally known gourmet and travel shows & books in Japan with a French chef/ best-selling author Anthony Bourdain; “No Reservations”  http://travel.discovery.com/fansites/bourdain/bourdain.html


• BS Asahi, Japan.  (In Japanese)

Reporter  (2007)

Travel reporter for a one-hour travel show “The Golden Era of Asian Travel” with a well-known Japanese editor Mr. Jiro Ishikawa.  Roles include from depicting cultural aspect of the region and reporting about the importance of preserving the nature, searching wild tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, Rajastan, India.



• Single Malt TV, England (In English)

Presenter (2007, 2008)

Reporting on whiskies at “Whisky Live Show TOKYO” as on-camera reporter. (www.singlemalt.tv)


•  “International Exhibition for Young Investors” Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation & NHK, Japan.

Presenter (August, 2004)   (In English)

Presenter for ceremonies at the opening, the closing and the award presentation for the international exhibition of invention with the young participants from 39 countries.  Exhibition is sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry etc.


• New York Times TV, New York, U.S.A., Tokyo, Japan  (In English)

Reporter (2000)

Co-Reporter for the 45-mins program; "Cook's Tour” w for The Food Network.

Traveling around Japan mainly Tokyo, introducing fine cuisine, receipts, chefs, restaurants as well as fish markets and Japanese gastronomic culture over all. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/anthony_bourdain/article/0,1974,FOOD_9783_1696111,00.html


• Foodies TV, Japan.  (In Japanese)

Reporter (1999)

Reporter for 6 of 60-minutes program “Journey on Japanese Fish Markets” and 7 of 30 minutes program “Travels on Pickles”. Traveled along the coast of northern Japan for entire two-weeks visiting local fish ports and families in the region.  Report on the exploration of their culture and delicacies as well as lessons on secret receipts of the local families’ traditional dishes.


• Super Beauty Channel, Japan.  (In Japanese)

Reporter & Location Manager (1998-1999)

Reporter for a TV program series on variety of dance classes in Tokyo. (from traditional Japanese dance to modern Western dance)  Introducing the essence of each dance and how good they are for human body trying each of them in the classes.  10 of 60 minutes program for the satellite TV channel.


• CBS Broadcasting Inc., New York, U.S.A., shootings in Nagano, Japan  (In English and Japanese)

Reporter (February 1998)

Contributed a dozen of news documentaries and reports on local culture for one of the top U.S. TV stations during Winter Olympic Games in Nagano.





Dong Hua University Language School, Shanghai, China.

Diploma on first level at Intensive language course in Chinese (June 2009)

New York University, New York, NY, U.S.A.

Certificate in Digital Video Production (July 2001)

Ebisu Broadcasting School, Tokyo, Japan

Certificate in public speaking (June 2000)

Mukogawa Women's University, Hyogo, Japan

B.A. in Psychology (March 1998)

Certificate in Clinical Psychology and Recreation Consulting (March 1998)

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

Spent a year in the school’s department of Speech and Communications, took various subjects in

Inter-cultural communication. Also worked as an intern at TCI cable TV channel. (June to August 1997)

Patria Soberana Valencia, Venezuela

High School Diploma (June 1992)

Spent a year abroad as a selected exchange student for American Field Service (AFS)’s Intercultural Program.




Fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and Japanese (native). And a basic conversational skill of Chinese and Portuguese.


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